Student self portrait 1

Student self-portrait. Charcoal. During execution, the hand is never lifted from the surface of the paper.

Portrait 2

Self-portrait. Continuous drawing technique. Charcoal.

Portrait 3

Self-portrait. Very fast, very loose, automatic.

Color leaf

First drawing exercise (still life) in the topological transformation series.

Leaf transformation

Stretched grids were used to generate morphological changes. Students drew an original leaf and experimented with the deformation of the plane in order to create new leaves of their own design. Topology as variation of the rule.

Thin leaf

Another example of a topological transformation.



Communication Vehicles I - Freshman Foundation - VCU

Freshman Foundation - Design Fundamentals. In this class I introduced expressive techniques dealing with materials, free-hand drawing and rhythmic exercises with the pencil. More "structural" topics included symmetry groups, platonic solids, and topological transformations.