Reggio Emilia 1

Reggio Emilia blob. Made with a straw.

Reggio Emilia 2

In this blob the ink follows the folds in the paper.

Reggio Emilia 3

Everybody drives the ink along the folds of the paper.

Reggio Emilia 4

Reggio Emilia blob 4.

Reggio Emilia 5

Reggio Emilia blob 5.

Reggio Emilia 6

Reggio Emilia blob 6.



Blobs. Elementary School in Reggio Emilia, Italy

In 1980 I went with my entire college class (25 people) to Reggio Emilia, Italy, where we conducted a five-day workshop with various classes in the school. The concept of the blob was taken from simple experiment to design method for producing a final collective work. The theme of the workshop was the idea of the city and the children produced a beautiful map made with the designs of the earlier tests. The Reggio Emilia Method of art education has been adopted by hundreds of school throughout the world. To learn more about this approach to art, click the link below.