Photo 1

Workshop party and photo display.

Contact sheet

First shoot contact sheet.

Contact detail

First shoot, details.

Francesco portrait

Francesco. B&W photo: taken by peer, analog. Color photo: taken by adult, digital.

Photo show 1

Parents and teachers look at the portraits.

Photo show 2

Group portrait.

Photo show 3

The digital prints are distributed to the students and parents.



Saints Peter and Paul School, San Francisco

The third graders who worked with us in this workshop built their own pin-hole camera and also printed their own pictures in the darkroom. On day one they photographed each other using a Hassemblad camera. On day two they worked in the darkroom. I later took a portrait of each student holding their previous B&W portrait. The contrast between being photographed by a peer and being photographed by an adult is evident in many of the photos, which are fun and serious at the same time. With Dennis Letbetter, photographer.