in pulse photo booth

Exhibit visitors have their picture taken in front of the entry sign, a silent video feedback loop of the in pulse logo.

in pulse view from above

The structures snake around the main central digital media "room", above which four screens project the work of the motion graphics students.

in pulse exhibit with frankie lewis

A very stylish Frankie visits the show. See-through panels holding the artwork clipped to vertical braids create open yet intimate "cubicle" spaces. One enjoys the artwork as well as observing other people through the transparent walls.

in pulse history wall

A wall encompassing the last 20 years of exhibits of Design and Industry students. Original artifacts and vintage photographs.

in pulse floor plan model

A model of the 5,000 sq ft exhibit greeted the visitors as they entered the hall.

In Pulse - The Rhythms of Design - Opening: May 12, 2010
Posted June 2, 2010
San Francisco State University

In Pulse: The Rhythms of Design. 21st Annual Design and Industry Student Exhibition.

The 5,000 sq ft exhibit, showcasing more than 250 works from the students of the Design and Industry department at San Francisco State University, had its opening reception on Wednesday, May 12, from 6 to 9pm. The show was only open from Tuesday, May 11 to Friday, May 14, at Jack Adams Hall in the Cesar Chavez Student Center in the SF State main campus.

If you missed the show, below are some links to pictures and videos. Thank you to the students of my 524 Exhibit Design class, the DAI department, and everyone else that made the show possible. Hope to see you next year.

See video on YouTube: in pulse video presentation by Nancy Salcedo (youtube, 4 minutes)

in pulse photo stream on flickr
design, production, fabrication and opening event photos by maria alvarez, mary hickox, austin mitchell, james molgaard,chris rozales, micah jordan, pino trogu

in pulse entrance video loop by Austin Mitchell (youtube, 1 minute, no sound)

in pulse photo booth (youtube, 10 seconds)

design and industry timeline: 1990-2010
dai show timeline 1990-2010 (JPG)
dai show timeline 1990-2010 (PDF) 23MB

524 exhibits class blog

In Pulse Brochure 5.6 MB application/pdf