Sign 504 Handicapped Human Rights ACCD button

Sign 504 Handicapped Human Rights ACCD button, worn by activist occupying the federal building in San Francisco in 1977. The occupation prompted the signing of the 504 disability rights legislation, a precursor to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1995.

Exhibit master plan early sketch

Exhibit master plan early sketch.

Exhibit scale model

Exhibit scale model, showing the rotunda and the internal court areas.

504 sf state interns

SF State project interns meeting with Prof. Trogu in the Humanities building.

Trogu and Linn

Pino Trogu (left) and Silvan Linn (center) visit the future site of the exhibit, the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, CA.

Prototype assembly

Student interns assemble early station prototype.

First prototype

First completed full-scale prototype.

Test prototype in ERC center

Test prototype in ERC center, Berkeley.

Early Solid Works model (Silvan Linn)

Early Solid Works model of station by Prof. Silvan Linn.

Exhibit and station models

Exhibit and station models (Silvan Linn and Daniel Guasca).

3D printing

3D printing of miniature benches in the Design & Industry Dept. at SF State, later included in the scale model.

Laser cut scale model stations

Laser cutting of the parts for the scale models of the exhibit stations.

Patient No More!
Posted March 24, 2014
Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability

"Patient No More! People With Disabilities Securing Civil Rights" is an accessible, interactive exhibit celebrating the Bay Area's contributions to the disability rights movement. Opens Summer 2015.

Patient No More! celebrates the Bay Area's unique and vibrant contributions to the disability rights movement. Its opening in 2015 will coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The main exhibit will be located at the Ed Roberts Campus, a hub of disability organizations in Berkeley, CA.

Pino Trogu and Silvan Linn, Assistant Professors of Design and Fellows at the Longmore Institute, are coordinating the work of twenty design student interns at San Francisco State who are designing and developing the exhibit.

The Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University is the promoter and driving force behind the project. Part think-tank, part cultural center, the institute introduces new ideas about disability and disabled people, leading a series of exciting projects at the intersection of disability history, the arts, education, and policy that pairs SF State students and faculty with various local communities.

Visit the Longmore Institute's facebook page or the student intern blog for weekly updates on the project.