Pineapple. Student: Rong Xuan Deng.

pinapple color

Pineapple: type and color. Student: Rong Xuan Deng.

pineapple poster

Pineapple: poster. Student: Rong Xuan Deng.


Pineapple. Student: Fiona Ho.

corn color

Pineapple: type and color. Student: Fiona Ho.

corn poster

Pineapple: poster. Student: Fiona Ho.



Introduction to Graphic Design. San Jose State University.

Black and white drawing of an object (corn, pineapple, soy, beet, tomato), first drawn by hand and then with a vector-based program. Compositions with type and with color using the original image with type and a variation in color without the type. Conceptual panel based on reference material collected by the student and including a minimum of 100 words.