arki cards

Electronic "simulation" cards help the boy design the perfect coat.

arki senses

The simulation modules encompass all the senses.

arki lego

The modules are like lego blocks.

arki snap board

The simulation cards, plugged in.

arki winter coat

Too warm, much too warm.



Arki. Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VÅ UP) Prague, Czech Republic.

I wrote, filmed and produced this 3-minute, 35mm color film on the subject of computer modeling and simulation. The film tells the story of how a young boy's quest to design the perfect coat is finally realized with the help of lego-like electronic modules. The film, considered to be one of the earliest example of wearable computers, was part of a competition package for "Design the Future", Tokyo, Japan, on new ideas in computing. With Mihai Nadin and Michaela Kukovičová.

Concept: Pino Trogu and Mihai Nadin
Written by Pino Trogu
Drawings: Michaela Kukovičová, VŠUP, Prague, Czech Republic
Color: Lizzy Hirsch
Animation & layout: Milan Klikar
Music: Ivan Leoncavallo
Cameraman: Miloslav Žbánek (TAT)
Editor: Marie Zemanová
Thanks to: Miloslav Jágr & Petr Poš, VŠUP, Prague
Special thanks: Milan Klikar & Michaela Kukovičová
Filmed and edited at TAT Animation Studios, Prague, July 1991. (Triková a animovaná tvorba)
Copyright © 1991 Pino Trogu & Mihai Nadin

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Arki (small) 3min (4.78 MB) video/quicktime
ARKI (big) 3min (66.3 MB) video/quicktime