1 color looks like 2

One colour looks like two colours. The two sides of the V shape are the same.

2 colors look like 1

Two colors look like one. The small squares inside the large areas are actually two different colors. This is revealed when they are put side by side next to each other.

Transparency and space illusion

All the colored areas in this composition were prepared separately. Shapes were later cut and arranged next to each other.

Color diffusion

A variation of a well-known optical illusion creates a color luminance and trasparency that's only perceptual.

Color gradation

this other color value exercise is excellent for training the eye to see value gradation changes in color, independently from hue changes. I encouraged students to look for light blues and dark yellows, in order to include all hues in both the light as well as the dark areas.

Gray gradation

Cut paper from magazines were used in this exercise, which requires precision and patience. When properly executed, the gray background appears to blend in perfectly in the center of the composition.



Communication Vehicles II - Freshman Foundation, VCU

In this class I used Josef Albers' Interaction of Color as the outline for the assignments. I know from personal experience that there is no substitute for mixing your own colors in order to gain a deeper understanding and sensibility for color. My students mixed and applied their own color. Large areas were painted first, then parts were cut and assembled into the required configurations.


Color II short Syllabus (142 KB) application/pdf
Color II long Syllabus (656 KB) application/pdf