ufo 2 barbeln

U.F.O. Reports Are on the Rise in the U.S. Poster designed by Nick Barbeln.

diplomas and wages soiseth

Diploma in Hand, Wage Gap in Future: Exploring the disparity in pay among young men and women. Poster designed by Alexandra Soiseth.

history of anime coutte

The History of Anime: 1930-2010. Poster designed by Aileen Coutte.

natural disasters curtis

Natural Disasters: the severest natural disasters since 1900. Poster designed by Alexandra Curtis.

richard richter faulkner

Richard Richter. Paint by numbers: a look at Richter's most lucrative sales at auction. Poster designed by Lauren Faulkner.

on the move gotuaco

On the Move. A survey of people's house moves, frequency, modes of transport, etc. Poster designed by Christina Gotuaco.

bart strike hayes

Breaking Down the BART Strike. A look at the BART strike in the Bay Area in 2013. Poster designed by Christine Hayes.

sports cars wilbur

You Know that Sports Car You Always Wanted? A comparative look at Japanese sports cars from the 1980s and 1990s. Poster designed by Daniel Wilbur.